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The sun that rises each day and sets again, only to rise again tomorrow, has become customary in our lives, but we believe there is so much more unutilised potential we can harness from it. 

It’s been said that the energy the sun provides in a single day, is enough to power this entire planet for a whole year!

At Skywolff Energy we believe in challenging the status quo and therefore have a different approach towards solar energy.

Just as we are all individual human beings, each household or business is unique in its energy needs and demands.

We therefore focus on providing bespoke energy solutions to suit our clients needs, requirements, and goals regarding their energy consumption and supply.

By first understanding our clients and their needs, and doing an in depth energy analysis, we create holistic energy solutions, focused on efficiency and sustainability, that make economic sense.

As solar technology has developed and improved, financial institutions have come on-board and recognised the need for energy sustainability, and clients wanting to be more energy independent, in South Africa

Most major banks and private financial institutions now provide financing products and solutions to make PV (Photovoltaic) systems accessible to the general public.

Having your very own PV system is now no longer just a luxury or nice to have, but a financially-viable energy alternative and a means of providing your own electricity and becoming energy independent.

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Let’s start today to make the changes that our future selves, and the generations to come, will thank us for!

Let us help you to take the next step towards energy independence.


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