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We help residential homeowners re-imagine their thinking and approach towards their energy needs. By using an holistic approach, we create bespoke solutions for clients to meet their energy needs in an efficient and sustainable way. This is achieved by being more economical in their energy usage and sourcing their energy through renewable and sustainable resources.

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Alternative Water Heating


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Rooftop PV Systems

Did you know that traditional water heating (electrical geysers) can account for approximately 50% of your electricity bill. Making use of more energy efficient alternatives, such as Gas geyser and Solar water heaters can significantly reduce your electrical consumption.

With a global move towards energy efficiency, most modern appliances have energy efficient ratings depending on the technology used. By making use of more energy efficient appliances, will also contribute towards lower overall electrical consumption.

One of the most common uses of electricity is to provide light in and around our homes. With LED technology one can provide equivalent lighting than traditional incandescent (filament) light bulbs but consume up to 10 times less electricity!

For some cooking with an electrical stove and oven are deemed the norm, but gas cooking appliances have developed and improved in technology. Now offering a more cost effective alternative to electrical cooking appliances.

Making use of Solar technology for generating electricity is the most commonly used method by homeowners as an alternative renewable energy source. The sun’s energy is freely available to everyone and with the latest technology, we can now harness this energy and convert it into useful electrical energy to power our homes.

These systems operate quietly and are seamlessly integrated, providing silent and sustainable energy alternatives.

Made to suit your needs

Our solutions are outcome based in order to serve our clients’ needs in the most efficient, economical and sustainable manner, by staying focused on their goals and proposed budget.

Ultimately, we want to build intimate relationships with our clients to fully understand their goals and needs. Using our expertise and experience, we aim to guide them to create a realistic outcome that not only serves their needs within their budget, but also contributes to a society focused on a cleaner and brighter future!

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Let’s start today to make the changes that our future selves, and the generations to come, will thank us for! 

Let us help you to take the next step towards energy independence.


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